what are Diets and eating plans?

A Diet is simply the methods and habits by which you choose to eat or feed yourself. Whether intentional or not, you’re already on a diet.

An Eating Strategy is a specific strategy applied to your diet and based upon your desired outcome.

Level 1 Eating Strategy

Our Level 1 Eating Strategy (L1E) is is included with all of our training packages and is designed to help you build and practice critical fundamental habits that allow you to see long term success in your diet. It consists of our Quick-Start Eating Guide and Private Strategy Session with your coach.

Level 2 Eating Strategy

Our Level 2 Eating Strategy (L2E) is for the individual who’s truly maximized and mastered the habits in L1E and desires an additional level of precision. L2E uses a flexible dieting system specific to you and your goals. You’ll have weekly progress check-ins with your coach who will adjust your macros depending on your progress, and aid you in any obstacles you may encounter.

L2E is available for current Devoted Strength students only. If you’re a student and would like to start the L2E program, please just text your coach or inquire with them after your next scheduled class. They will send you a link to get started.