Hey, Coach Chelsie here…

Thanks for joining Level II! This journey is going to be a blast!

I’ll be working hard to get your macronutrient goals (aka “macros”) sent over to you ASAP. While you’re waiting, please take a few minutes to complete the next couple steps.

1st - Access the Level II Eating Guide

Use the button below to access the L2 Eating Guide. The guide itself is a webpage rather than a downloadable PDF. This will allow us to easily deliver timely updates and additions to you. Be sure to bookmark the L2 Guide webpage on your phone and/or computer for access later. Please review it before you have any initial questions.

2nd - Download the MyMacros+ App

We highly recommend the MyMacros+ app for tracking your food. In our experience it’s way less cluttered than some of it’s competitors and it will allow us to take a peak at what you’re eating from time-to-time ;). Yes, it’s a small fee to download the app from your app store, but it’s well worth it. Promise! Both Android and Apple apps are linked below.

3rd - Join the L2 Facebook Group

Be sure to join and participate in our exclusive Facebook group. We’ll regularly be posting tips, tricks, and answering your questions here. Your peers can be a powerful tool, let’s use them!

4th - Schedule your on-boarding appointment

Use the calendly schedule below to set up an appointment with me to get things rolling. During this appointment we’ll do a few things:

  1. We’ll review your macros and make sure you know exactly what they mean.

  2. We’ll get detailed starting body composition measurements. This will be just one way we’ll track your progress.

    • Ideally we can take these measurements early in the morning, on an empty stomach. If you can’t make one of the early appointment times fit your schedule, we just need at least 3 hours between the measurement and when you ate last - bring a snack to the gym if you need to.

    • Keep in mind you can always swing by the gym exclusively to get measured on your way to work or wherever, then come for your on-boarding appointment later. Just let me know if you need to do that!

    • Oh yeah… ladies, if you’re on your cycle, we should wait to get these measurements ;)

  3. I have a food scale for you!!

  4. We’ll address any initial questions you may have regarding the program and how to use the MyMacros+ app.

See you soon!
- Chelsie