The Devoted Strength Combat Athlete program is designed to build maximal performance for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and other martial arts athletes. We are big believers in metabolic training and strength, which are vital to combat athletes due to the high demands of the sport. 

To increase strength, explosiveness, confidence, and decrease injuries and body fat, we'll use body weight training, kettlebells, resistance bands, barbells, sandbags, and more.  If it's useful and effective for combat athletes, it's fair game. We can even adapt the program to fit any fitness level or work around injuries. 

The goal is to create a hard-working brotherhood within a motivating and fulfilling environment. We always make sure all of our athletes receive personalized coaching in critical exercises, skills, and healthy habits to optimize success.

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Meet your coach

Coach Chris Park

Coach Chris Park


  • Training for Warriors Level-1 Instructor coach under Martin Rooney

  • 16 yrs of service in the USAF

  • Brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt under Mat Waterhouse

  • Bachelor’s in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning Coaching) from the University of Akron

"I began lifting weights in 1998 for high school football and never stopped training. I strongly feel that you can find good things from many styles of training. One of the most important lessons that I have learned in training is that you should have a reason for everything you do and I live by that lesson. I’m a huge believer in quality of movement and that you can be the strongest person in the world, but if you aren’t able to move that strength is useless." -Coach Chris