STRONG! is Devoted Strength's weekend strongman training class. 

During this 90min class, you'll train along side your coach in many staple strongman movements. This is a full workout from warmup to finish and is designed to address several training adaptations. 

Strongman training will help you get stronger, leaner, and build some real, functional muscle... not to mention it's insanely fun!

You'll learn to flip tires, carry kegs and other odd objects, shoulder and carry stones, learn new ways to use sleds and yokes, and much more.

This class is invite-only! 

So how do I get an invite? Simple... just sign up to for our STRONG! Newsletter with the form on this page and you're all set! That's it. 

Do I need to be in shape before attending this class? Honestly, it helps to have some training experience under your belt, but, like all of our group training classes here at DFS, we'll guide you from the start and make sure that you get a great, safe workout, no matter your fitness level.

Summer 2019 Classes begin on May 11th!

Register with the button below. Select your class time, then choose to drop-in or grab a discounted punch card.

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