Your first 3 weeks at Devoted Strength...

Before joining us here at Devoted Fitness & Strength, we want to be absolutely certain this is the right place for you. Starting a program like ours can be life-changing, but only for those who are ready and willing. 

This 3 week intro is designed to give you the full DFS experience in a short period of time. It's a great way to test the waters and experience the best that DFS has to offer.

Our intro program is designed to help you kick-start your fitness and learn how to safely and effectively reach your fitness goals.

Our goal is to launch your fitness journey and remove any obstacles that could stop you from reaching your goals. Whether you've been working out for years or never set foot in a gym, this program will help you get closer to your goals than ever before.  You'll receive personalized coaching at every step along the way and learn critical exercises, nutrition concepts, habits, and skills to ensure your success. 

The Investment for your first 21 Days of our Best Coaching:

   Only $99

Get started with a free trial and consult

How it works:

  • No experience necessary.

  • Attend up to three (3) group workouts per week, do 1 or 2 at-home workouts each week, and daily at-home stretching and nutrition routines. This is all highly recommended.

  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching with our PN Level 1 Certified coach and access to our unique Level 1 Eating guide. We'll work with you to build your unique eating strategy.

  • Receive weekly nutrition and fitness lessons to build your knowledge and skills.

  • Get instant access to our Level 1 Eating Quick-Start Guide and the Kitchen Rescue, Calorie Counting Debunked, and Nutrition & Fitness for Busy People info packs!

  • Master movements like the push-ups, pull-up, squats, and kettle bell swings, as well as fundamental barbell movements.

  • Includes measurements including body fat percentage, before & after pictures, and girth measurements to track your results in detail.

  • Get access a private Facebook support group so you can reach out to your peers and coaches for support.

  • When your trial is over, you'll sit down with a coach to decide if Devoted Fitness & Strength is the right place for you.

Getting started is easy.

Just use the link below to request your trial and consult. Once you do, your coach will contact you ASAP to set up your free consultation session.