While Devoted Fitness & Strength is the #bestgymincuyahogafalls (we may be a slightly biased) we want to be very clear…

We are not guaranteeing any specific result or any result at all for that matter simply from the hiring us or the purchasing of our services.

We do not know you, your ability to follow instructions, or your work ethic.

Paying us does not guarantee your success or any specific result.

You still need to train with us, show up as frequently as possible, follow our nutrition principles, ask questions inside the gym and in our private forum, read and follow through on the information given to you, and very likely perform extra training on your own, and stay consistent.

I’m sure you know and understand this…but our attorney wanted us to make sure we had it in writing.

Thanks for understanding that results take work, dedication, and follow through both here and at home on your own!


30 Day Kick-Start 2x Money Back Promise

The following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for our 2x money back promise:

  1. You must attend all 13 classes available to you during Kick-Start

  2. You must schedule and attend your free in-person strategy session with your coach

  3. You must thoroughly read our nutrition quick-start guide

  4. You must accept your invitation and regularly use our online coaching tools