Physical training Membership Holds

You can submit in advance a membership hold (pause) request for up to 60 days [long hold] one time throughout the year or up to 14 days [short hold] twice throughout the year. You can do that with the Hold Request Form below.

Holds work on a rolling calendar year. This means that any hold type that you use will become available again for use one year from the date of that hold’s completion.

Don't forget that, if you will be gone for a short period of time, and only missing a couple classes, you can make-up some or all of those classes during the next week. That likely will make a one-week hold unnecessary for you.

Please note that these holds cannot be split up and used cumulatively later on. For example, requesting a 30 day hold will use your one-time long hold and a 10 day hold will use one of your two available short holds.

Holds/Pauses cannot be applied retroactively. Please allow up to 3 days for processing.

Holds/Pauses are NOT available for the Level II Eating program.


Hold Request Form

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