Physical training Membership Holds

You can submit in advance a membership hold (pause) request for up to 60 days [long hold] one time throughout the year or up to 14 days [short hold] twice throughout the year. You can do that with the Hold Request Form below.

Don't forget that, if you will be gone for a short period of time, and only missing a couple classes, you can make-up some or all of those classes during the next week. That likely will make a one-week hold unnecessary for you.

Please note that these holds cannot be split up and used cumulatively later on. For example, requesting a 30 day hold will use your one-time long hold and a 10 day hold will use one of your two available short holds.

Holds/Pauses cannot be applied retroactively. Please allow up to 3 days for processing.

Holds/Pauses are NOT available for the Level II Eating program.


Hold Request Form

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