Stephanie's Testimonial

After I did two rounds of the doing The 30 Day Shred, there was no shedding going on.  I was frustrated because I had gained weight and generally felt bad.  My husband had started going to DFS gym and was getting great results.  

I watched his body become more lean and built.  He invited me to give DFS a try, but I thought it was a "guy gym" where guys lifted weights together.  Boy, was I wrong! 

I quickly learned that lifting weights is the best way for girls to cut body fat and become more lean and strong.

Nick has helped my body fat percentage go from 33% down to 25%.


DFS Gym has helped me in many ways:

  • Nick encourages me and motivates me when I'm working out.  He is right there when I am doing something hard and cheers me on by name.

  • They've taught me about nutrition and ways to practically eat healthy.  Nick has even been known to text me to make sure I have prepped veggies to have on hand for snacks.

  • They've supported me in my other athletic endeavors.  Nick has even come to cheer me on and other girls from the gym as we have run in a few area races.

  • Nick is intuitive and seems to know what I'm thinking.  He seems to know when I am sore, hurting, or just needing some extra encouragement.

  • DFS gym has been a huge part of my fitness journey.  Along the way, I have gained energy, confidence, and friends,which is a huge benefit when I am working out.

~ Stephanie a.k.a "Stephanator"

Coach’s Notes:
Stephanie has achieved these results through hard work and dedication over an extended period of time. She never missed a workout at DFS Gym and always put in the extra work outside of the gym.This is important to know because it’s exactly what it takes to achieve meaningful results - time and consistent hard work.

Another important point to mention is the upturn in her body weight over the last two months. Notice that her body fat percentage and pounds of body fat continued to drop, while her weight went up.This is due to an increase in her amount of mean muscle - her lean body mass.
— Nick Haught