2016 Devoted Strength Challenge for LLS

This will be the First Annual Devoted Strength Challenge for LLS

First off, thank you for your interest and support for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS).

This year's fundraiser strength and fitness challenge will be held at Devoted Fitness & Strength in Cuyahoga Falls on Saturday, October 15, 2016.

Check-ins and warmups begin at 10:15am. First event will start at 11:00am. All events should be wrapped up by 1:00pm

We're asking for a minimum of $30 donation if you wish to compete. If you simply wish to donate to the cause, please feel free to donate your desired amount.

We will hold three (3) events:

  1. One-minute Deadlift medley (with a twist)
  2. 2-Rep Max Bench Press
  3. A mystery work capacity challenge

Athletes will compete in one of two (2) divisions:

  1. Men's Open
  2. Women's Open

To register as an Athlete or to simply donate to the cause, please use this link...

Thank you all for your participation!

-Nick Haught
Owner/Head Coach