Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Foods in Cuyahoga Falls

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Organic. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. What are they and do you need them to get results?

Let's start off with talking about what these things actually are and why you might want foods like these.

Put simply...


This really just means that these foods were grown / raised without the use of artificial chemicals.

This is important because when chemicals are used on your food, they are often retained by that food. This ultimately results in those chemicals being passed on to you when you eat said food.

Why would that be bad? Well, we don't know for sure how are bodies are going to respond to those chemicals. They may cause cancer, weight control issues, hormone issues, or other diseases. 

By buying and eating organic, the goal is to avoid chemicals in order to avoid the side effects of those chemicals.


In order to make a plant or animal grow faster, bigger, brighter, stronger, sweater, tastier, or in general just improve our ability to produce foods in mass quantities, it's sometimes necessary to mess with the genetics of that organism.

Hence GMO - Genetically Modified Organism

Why avoid GMOs? Just like with the chemicals we try to avoid by eating organic, we do not know how the ingestion of genetically modified organisms will effect our bodies... Cancer? Autism? We do not know for certain.

Gluten Free

This one's pretty simple...Gluten is a plant protein found in wheat and wheat-like grains. Basically you would want to avoid gluten if your body has an intolerance... has difficulty properly digesting gluten.

You do not need to avoid gluten for any other reason.

Do you need any of these to get great results from your diet and exercise program?


All three are extra credit.

If you're just starting out and coming from the typical American diet of highly-processed foods, then simply switching to fresh, whole foods is going to make a dramatic difference in the way your body looks and feels. 

Get in good habits with foods first, before deciding to "take the plunge" and go organic. 

Is switching to Organic and Non-GMO a good idea in the long? Absolutely. You'll be taking steps to avoid some of man-kinds most brutal diseases.

Are they necessary right off the bat? No. Start out with baby steps and just buy fresh, unprocessed foods.