Can't find time to workout? Here's what to do.

The most common excuse that I hear from people who want to get in better shape is that they can never FIND time to workout.  

We are all given the same 24 hours per day and 168 hours per week. So how is it that all of those highly successful people in the world have time to accomplish all the things that they do?

They MAKE the time! 

They don't wait around for those hours to magically appear. They build their schedules around their goals and make those goals a priority.

It comes down to how you decide to use the hours in your day.

Where can you create more efficiency in your daily schedule?

Watch TV? Spend time on Facebook and other social media? There's probably at least an hour right there.

Pack you lunch and gym bag ahead of time... that way there's no need to stop at home first.

You're all going to have different obstacles in your daily schedule.  You'll have to be creative.

It's not going to be easy either. It will be painful. You're going to have to make sacrifices that make you uncomfortable. This is part of the process.

You may even have to go to bed and wake up earlier! DVR exists for a reason... watch that show later.

What is your biggest time obstacle that's holding you back? Post in the comments and we can figure out how to overcome it!