Understanding Body Fat Percentage

One of the most important concepts that we stress here at DFS Gym is that we need to be setting realistic and maintainable goals. 

One of the ways in which we do this is by focusing on body fat percentage rather than the weight on the scale. 

Sure, we will often set an overall weight-loss goal(s) - and reach it! But you will see in this video example that there is a much larger picture to fat loss. 

By focusing on building lean muscle WHILE losing body fat, we can attain a lower body fat percentage sooner!

Why is this important?

Your body fat percentage is essentially what you are looking at in the mirror. It's literally reflected in how your clothes are fitting and how you look despite what the scale may say. 

You will look more toned and strong than you would have without building muscle.

Our hypothetical example - Bob - has set an INITIAL weight-loss goal of thirteen (13) pounds. But that would not be his FINAL goal... just the first step.

When all is said and done, you can see that Bob, by focusing on building muscle during his weight loss, can achieve a higher-quality result at a higher body weight... meaning he will be happier with his end results than he would if he just lost weight alone. 

At the end you will see that to reach the same desired body fat percentage (quality body image) without building muscle, Bob would have had to lose an extra nine (9) pounds overall!

I know you have questions on this! Want a follow-up video?

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