Cuyahoga Falls Deadlift Instruction for Safety, Strength, and Fitness

Here at DFS Gym in Cuyahoga Falls we pride ourselves on teaching our clients and athletes how to master fundamental movements so we can maximize safety, strength, fitness, and results. 

The deadlift is no exception.

In fact, the deadlift can be one of the most dangerous lifts when performed incorrectly.

When performed CORRECTLY though, it can be one of the most powerful movements in your arsenal. 

Be sure to watch this video to see exactly how we progress new and experienced athletes and clients through the deadlift. 

Here are some important points from the video above:

  1. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine through the lift - even if that means starting from an elevated deadlift position. 
  2. Engaging your lats will help keep your upper back from rounding during the lift. Be sure to lock them in tight BEFORE you begin your lift. Once you start to move the weight, you will not be able to regain this position if you lose it. 
  3. Do NOT think about picking the weight up off of the ground. Rather, practice driving your legs through the floor... like a leg press.

    This will activate the legs more efficiently and lead to a stronger and safer lift.
  4. Keep your knees out during your leg drive. Allowing the knees to buckle inward can lead to knee injuries over time.
  5. Always have a good gym dog sitting in the background to hold you accountable and bark out words of encouragement. 

Happy Deadlifting!