Portable Muscle Builders for Size, Strength, and Stability


These six essential banded muscle building exercises can and should be performed on a regular basis in order to build more muscle and create more stability for strength exercises. 

No matter if you're a crossfitter or just looking to build a little more muscle, these exercises are a necessary part of your fitness routine. 

1. Band Pushups

Great for building muscle in the upper chest and triceps. These will also crete better pressing strength and stability within the shoulder join for overhead athletes.

2. Band GoodMornings

It's not always enough to stretch muscle through a passive range of motion. They need to be strong through a FULL range of motion. This goodmorning variation is great for facilitating hamstring length and strength at the same time.

3. Face Pulls

Upper back and posterior shoulder strength are critical when creating a stable position for any pressing exercise. Face pulls will help strengthen those muscles and lead to stronger presses over time.

4. Tricep Press

The triceps are often neglected, yet a critical part of any pressing movement as well as overhead stability in the Jerk and Snatch. Band Pressdowns will help strengthen the elbow lock for maximum pressing and overhead strength and stability.

5. Band Pull Aparts

Just like Face Pulls, these guys are critical for maintaining shoulder health and stability, as well as helping improve posture over time. 

6. Bicep Curls

Really just for fun, these guys are great for making your shirt sleeves a little tighter! If you're new to cleans and snatches, you may already be pulling too much with the biceps... that will get better with practice. Curls will help strengthen and protect the biceps for any pulling movement.