Why we are Devoted Fitness & Strength

By now, many of you may have noticed that we have been using the hashtag #DevotedStrength for a short time now. You may have also seen some links to DevotedStrength.com floating around and noticed that those links land you on our home page. 

These two subtleties are not without a purpose. 

By the end of this week, DFS Gym will have officially changed its name to Devoted Fitness & Strength


Why this change? 

As DFS Gym has evolved over the past few years, I have come to realize that "DFS" alone no longer adequately reflects the level of commitment, effort, and dedication that our clients and members put forth on a daily basis. 

One of the most important ideas that we teach here is that your pursuit of self improvement cannot stop when you walk out of our doors post workout. 

It has to remain present all day. In all actions. From getting to bed on time, to your posture while in the car or at your desk. From the breakfast you eat each morning to the stretching you perform each evening. 

All of your actions, conscious or not, add up to the whole that is you and the results that you see. 

It takes consistent hard work and dedication. It takes complete Devotion to the cause in order to create true change in your body and mind. The will to make the right sacrifices and to concentrate on the pursuit of self-improvement.

Not only are we Devoted to improving our overall health and Fitness, we strive to build true Strength in mind, body, and life. 

We are stronger than our excuses and we are a close-knit, loyal community. From here out... 

We are Devoted Fitness & Strength. :)